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The Feliks Gross Awards

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Feliks Gross Award Announcement and Nomination 
Form for 2017-2018

The Feliks Gross Awards are presented each year to assistant professors in recognition of outstanding research, or potential for such, in the humanities or sciences, including social and life sciences. Any faculty member who is an assistant professor at any unit of CUNY and whose field of expertise covers an area of the humanities or sciences is eligible to be considered for one of these awards. Recipients who present their work at the ceremony receive an honorarium and a plaque. Nominations are due before 9 AM on Monday, March 5, 2018. Please email questions to

2017 Feliks Gross Awardees

Viviana Acquaviva, Department of Physics, City Tech
Andrea Baden,
Department of Anthropology, Hunter College
Dorthe Eisele,
Department of Chemistry, CCNY 
Pouyan Ghaemi,
Department of Physics, CCNY 
Elidor Mehilli,
Department of History, Hunter College;
Brian Sowers,
Department of Classics, Brooklyn College 

2016 Feliks Gross Awardees

Brian Zeglis, Department of Chemistry, Hunter College
Edward Klorman,
Department of Music, Queens College
Iryna Vushko,
Department of History, Hunter College
Lana Karasik,
Department of Psychology, College of Saten Island
Preeti Chauhan,
Department of Psychology, John Jay College 
Mariana Torrente,
Department of Chemistry, Brooklyn College

Feliks Gross

.About Feliks Gross

Feliks Gross arrived among the great wave of Europeans who transformed American scholarship in the years following the Second World War. With his broad humanistic interests, commitment to social activism and scholarship, he has made a lasting memorable contribution to the intellectual life of his adopted land.

Born in Poland, Feliks Gross received his doctorate from the Jagiellonian University of Cracow, where he was also an assistant professor in sociology.

In 1939 he was appointed lecturer in social anthropology by Bronislaw Malinowski. The outbreak of war kept him from this assignment. Please read the laudatio for Professor Gross given by Professor Jerome Krase.

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